September 25, 2013

Solibao Restaurant (Heritage Mansion)

Nobody recommended Solibao restaurant when we were in Baguio. Most of our friends and family recommended Cafe by the Ruins, Mario's and Hill Station. We discovered Solibao on our own.

To be honest, I wouldn't go to Solibao based on their menu. They serve all-Filipino food, which I had enough of already back in Manila. But Solibao has good reviews in almost every restaurant review/guide that I read. So I gave in.

I am happy I did.

According to their website, Solibao has been serving fine Filipino food since 1972. They have five branches in Baguio. We visited the one in Heritage Mansion.

The restaurant was not busy when we arrived. Probably because it was only 5:30pm when we got there, definitely not dinner time yet.

{As usual, EJ was not in the mood for picture taking}

{Buttered Chicken}

This was good. It was crispy and tasty. We were not able to finish this only because this came in late and we were already full.

{Sinigang na Bangus Belly}

I love this too. Just the right sourness and generous serving of veggies and bangus belly. 

{Ihaw-Ihaw Delight}

This was so-so. It felt like they had grilled this earlier and just reheated it. The pusit did not taste fresh as well.

{Puto Bumbong}

This was the best puto bumbong I've ever tasted! That's muscovado sugar with butter and grated coconut. The following day, I ordered this again in their Session road branch. It was still as good as the one I had the night before.

For me, Solibao should not be missed when one is visiting Baguio. I also suggest you visit the Heritage Mansion branch. The place felt authentic compared to a commercialized Session road branch. 

Solibao Restaurant – Heritage Mansion
Kisad Road, Abanao Extension
Baguio City, Philippines 2600
Tel. No.: 074.448.3815