September 18, 2013

The Art of Labeling

I've never been a creative person. I admit that. But there are times when a creative idea pops out of my head and I think yes, I am creative after all! Nah, I am just hallucinating.

I've come across many people who are very creative. They are probably born creative or have been developed by time, circumstances, their surrounding or a combination of many things.

I have no reason to be jealous or be pissed with someone's creativity. In fact, I am in awe of those people who can think out of the box, or inside the box with a twist. My problem is with those people who can "creatively" label people. There is nothing wrong with labeling people. But when you use it in a derogatory way, a condescending way or simply to make fun of people, that is totally off.

My classic example is "Hey you're fat!" This for me is okay, but when you say "Hey, fatso!" that's a different story. You are already labeling that person and that label is in no way being nice. If you are talking to someone you are close (like your stomachs are basically attached to each other) with, that is probably okay but not with someone you barely know.

What's my point and where did this come from?

I've seen and heard an adult saying some of those derogatory labels to a kid. It's not nice. It simply is not!

And my point is, people should be kind to each other. We probably would be living in a much nicer and happier place if people are kinder to each other. I am tired of this dog-eat-dog world, crab mentality and other negative things people do.

That's all. I thank you.


On another note, I am excited to go to Bangkok next week. We have a  5-day holiday (YAY!) here in Cambodia and we're taking a mini-break to Bangkok.

Flights and hotel are already booked. All I need is to diet so I can indulge in real Thai food again.


Happy midweek, everyone. Remember to be nice. Okay?