September 26, 2013

Our US Visa is Approved

This made me smile today...

We just got back from picking up our passports at the US Embassy. We were given a 10-year multiple entry visa to the US. Yay!

We applied last Tuesday and we were told our visa was approved. We just did not know if we'd get a single entry or multiple entry visa. We were really praying for a 10-year multiple entry visa. US visa fee is a bit expensive, y'know? :)

It's all set (at least for now). We're going to spend Christmas in New York City. I hope and pray it snows during our stay there. EJ wants to make a snowman.

I read that it does not always snow during Christmas in New York (but in the movies, it does hehe). They usually get their snow in January and February. But one can never tell. So please, please let it snow when we are there. LOL!

I'll write a separate post on how to apply for a non-immigrant (tourism) US visa here in Phnom Penh and our interview experience.