January 16, 2014

Spilled Coffee on my Mac

I'm so clumsy!

Last Tuesday at breakfast, I accidentally spilled coffee on my macbook air. It suddenly shutdown. I wiped it dry immediately and after a while I tried  to turn it on but it won't open anymore. I also tried to charge it but it won't charge.

I had no choice but to bring it to a repair center.

They opened it and the battery inside was still wet with coffee. They also said the battery was a little burnt. They will try to clean everything and hopefully the battery is not dead. Otherwise, I have to use the macbook with the charger on, much like using a desktop computer. They will call me later today what the result is.

My macbook is only 2 years old. It still runs perfectly prior to my clumsiness. Ugh!

I googled and found out that I'm not alone. Spilling coffee (accidentally of course) on the macbook is pretty common. But somehow that fact doesn't comfort me. Haha!

So here's an advice: put that coffee away from your macbook/laptop (if you can).

Just when I was excited and motivated to blog again, this happens.

Sigh. Silly, silly me.