February 24, 2014

Our Etihad's Busines Class Experience

On our flight back from New York to Phnom Penh, we upgraded to business class. Since we did not do any shopping at NYC, we had some extra money saved and we used it for the upgrade. Guess who was the happiest amongst us three?

{Etihad's business class seats}

It was EJ's first business class experience and he was beyond thrilled! He noticed how the crews were much nicer ("they are so kind mom!") to him compared to when he was riding economy. LOL!

As for me, I was happy that I had the option to sleep the whole flight, watch movies, eat yummy food, get connected to the internet (not free though, you have to pay $20 for the entire flight) or do all of the above. I did a little bit of everything. 

{Getting comfy right away!}

Here are some of the meals I had:

{Crackers, cheese and not in the photo wine}

{Love the fruits!}

{Bad picture but yummy fish}

I only have Singapore Airlines (my favorite airlines!) to compare with for business class but I have to say, I was pretty happy with Etihad's business class. The service was excellent!

February 20, 2014

And The Mouse Woke Up

When it comes to EJ's homework, I let him do his own stuff. I only check his work afterwards. Most of the time, there's nothing to correct. He's pretty good with math (makes mistakes when he rushes though) and he's doing very well in English.

Here's one example of his earlier "creative writing" homework. For a 7-year old kid, I think this is awesome writing. Of course, I have to say this I'm the mom! LOL!

His handwriting still needs improvement but I am not worried about it, though I get a little annoyed when his work is so messy. Anyway, here's the story he wrote:

"When the mouse poked his nose out of the hole, he sniffed, he looked outside, he saw that it was still winter so he kept on hibernating. The next morning, it was spring. The little mouse was so happy that he jumped and skipped shouting "squeak squeak!" Just then a man spotted the mouse. The man said "shoo you pest!!" The mouse was very scared. So the mouse went to his home to ask for help. There were a zillion mice! He asked all the mice to attack the man. Soon then the man fainted. The mice were very happy. The end."

This homework came back with a note from his teacher saying " This is fantastic! You are a great writer!"

EJ has written several stories since then and I will post it here one by one. I am just one proud mom!

February 6, 2014

Empire State Building and the Views from the 86th Floor

We went to the Empire State Building on the day before Christmas. EJ was excited to see ESB because  in school, they just finished reading a book that featured ESB. Naturally, he was curious.

{We took the subway from our hotel to ESB}

{Empire State Building Lobby}

Here's a tip. Buy the ticket online and buy the express ticket, whether you are going to the main deck only (86th floor) or both main deck and top deck (102nd floor). Why? Because the line is sooooo long. It would probably take you over an hour (probably longer on peak days) before you reach the main deck. On the day we were there, the line was insane! I heard from the staff that the waiting time on that day was about 2-3 hours. Wow!

If you buy an express ticket, you will skip all the lines and go straight to the elevator. The ticket to the Main Deck is $27/person while the express ticket is $50/person. I think the $23/person difference is not a big deal compared to 2-3 hours of lining up. I am not sure EJ would have the patience to wait that long.

That day, NYC was cold (at least for me). If I remember correctly it was about 0 to -3°C. That, plus the wind factor on the 86th floor…we were freezing to death. LOL! Look at us!

{I could not live in a cold place! Brrr}

{The concrete jungle that is Manhattan}

{Can see Macy's down below}

{Anything familiar here?}

{Can you spot some of the famous NYC landmarks?}