February 20, 2014

And The Mouse Woke Up

When it comes to EJ's homework, I let him do his own stuff. I only check his work afterwards. Most of the time, there's nothing to correct. He's pretty good with math (makes mistakes when he rushes though) and he's doing very well in English.

Here's one example of his earlier "creative writing" homework. For a 7-year old kid, I think this is awesome writing. Of course, I have to say this I'm the mom! LOL!

His handwriting still needs improvement but I am not worried about it, though I get a little annoyed when his work is so messy. Anyway, here's the story he wrote:

"When the mouse poked his nose out of the hole, he sniffed, he looked outside, he saw that it was still winter so he kept on hibernating. The next morning, it was spring. The little mouse was so happy that he jumped and skipped shouting "squeak squeak!" Just then a man spotted the mouse. The man said "shoo you pest!!" The mouse was very scared. So the mouse went to his home to ask for help. There were a zillion mice! He asked all the mice to attack the man. Soon then the man fainted. The mice were very happy. The end."

This homework came back with a note from his teacher saying " This is fantastic! You are a great writer!"

EJ has written several stories since then and I will post it here one by one. I am just one proud mom!