March 5, 2014

Afternoon High Tea at Intercon Hotel Phnom Penh

Last week, I was particularly craving for some scones. Then, from a magazine I saw an advert about a high tea at Intercon Hotel. I called to make sure there were scones in their high tea. One couldn't be sure, right? They said yes. Perfect!

I dragged EJ along with me and off we went to Intercon last Friday. Their high tea is served in their lobby lounge from 2pm-5pm. It's $10++/person.

{I chose green tea}

I only ordered for 1 person because even at my gluttonous state, I don't think I could finish all those sandwiches and sweets. And besides, I was there for the scones only. The rest I shared with my willing companion. I just ordered additional mango shake for him. 

EJ didn't quite like the sweets so I reluctantly shared the other scone. Haha! The sandwiches weren't the best either but I was satisfied with the scones.

I'll try other afternoon high tea available in town for comparison sake.