March 24, 2014

Late Post: At Bryant's Park

The other day, EJ said "I wish we can go back to New York." I nodded and whispered to myself, I wish that too. Which reminds me, I haven't finished writing about our trip to NYC last Christmas. Not that I have to, but I want to because it's nice to reminisce about old trips with pictures and words. Lately though, either I am very busy or I am lazy to write a post in this blog. Today, I have a few minutes to spare so let me post some pictures of ours taken at Bryant Park.

{The tree at Bryant Park} 

{EJ, getting up close with the giant ornaments}

The skating rink is at the back of the boys. The line was long, maybe even longer than the one we saw at Rockefeller Center.

{It was a really cold day!}

{Resting and taking in the view}

At that time, Bryant Park was full of different shops all together called the Holiday Market. We just went around the shops and watched with envy the people skating on the rink before we went to find a coffee shop.