July 30, 2014

Surigao del Sur's Tourist Destination: Enchanted River

Enchanted River is probably the most famous of the several tourist destinations in Surigao del Sur. I saw for myself why.

It's Enchanted River for a reason. The water is crystal clear turquoise blue on the deeper part of the river and emerald green on the shallow part.
{the deeper part of the river}

From what we heard, the river is connected to the ocean but nobody can really pinpoint where the water flows in and out. It's a mystery and it's part of the allure of the Enchanted River. 

{the shallow part}

Enchanted River is about an hour and a half travel by car from San Agustin. The road from the national highway going to Enchanted River is still rough road, sad to say. It rained on our way, which made our travel slower because the road was slippery. Paging the Department of Tourism or the local government (or whoever is in-charge of the development in the area), please fix the road asap.

{It was cloudy when we were there but the water was still blue/green. Awesome!}

{we saw several foreigners splashing in the water}

Entrance fee is P30/guest. Tourists/guests are allowed to swim. If you're not a confident swimmer, vests are available for rent. They close at 5pm so overnight swimming is not an option. Besides, who wants to go swimming at night with mystical creatures? Well, at least that's what locals say.

{Enchanted River is located at Brgy. Talisay, Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur}

We were also told that the best time to go to Enchanted River is during midday. At around 12nn, the caretaker will ring the bell as a signal to the swimmers to get off the water. The caretaker will then bring out food (rice, bread, etc) to feed the fishes which seem to come out of nowhere. They say it's  a feast for the eyes as these colorful fishes fight for food. After feeding time, the fishes become scarce again while tourists can go back to splashing in the water.

Unfortunately, we were not able to catch this spectacle. But that's another reason for us to visit Enchanted River in the future.