September 20, 2014

Packed Lunches for a Grade Schooler

EJ has started Grade 3 about two months ago. He likes his teacher and he says he's having a great time learning new things. As parents, that's what we want to hear.

Since he's back to school, that means I am busy in the kitchen everyday preparing his snacks and lunches. EJ brings his snacks with him when he leaves for school in the morning. But the lunch, I send it to his school just before their lunch break.

Last week, he had these:

{Fried rice, Sauteed shrimps, Jellies}

{Penne pasta in tomato sauce, Garlic bread, Mango}

{Rice, Sauteed mixed veggies, Chicken adobo}

{Fried rice, Sausage and beans, Fruits}

{Penne pasta in white sauce, Sausage, Fruits}

EJ eats most of the food I prepare, as long as he doesn't see the onion. But would you believe, he loves fried garlic? He eats it like it is chocolate! He also loves broccoli and mushroom.

I know EJ is not a picky eater but it doesn't make it easy for me to prepare his food everyday. The challenge is to make his lunch non-monotonous, as healthy and as appetizing as possible.

My reward is when EJ comes home and his lunch box is empty. It makes me happy.