March 4, 2015

Contractors for Renovation

I think hubby and I have been watching too much lifestyle shows lately, particularly building tiny houses and renovation shows.

We have been inspired to build a tiny house in our province. We have made plans of starting this June but we realised, we have a commercial building that we needed to renovate first. Our tiny house can wait while we work on our commercial building by the highway.

So, I have been reading about how to go about the renovation. At first we we're bent on DIY-ing. But with no background between hubby and I, we think it's better to hire contractors.

Preparing for a Commercial Building Renovation
When you have purchased a commercial building and need to make renovations for the new business, hiring the right commercial contractors for the job is important. Some commercial buildings just need a facelift and others need to have demolition with rebuilding. Taking the time out of your schedule to interview contractors and inspect the project may not be available. You can use a placement service to assist.

Use a Contractor Placement Service
A contractor matching or placement service is ideal for busy business owners. They do all of the interviewing for you. Their experts take the time to examine certifications, verify qualifications and view the relevant experience that qualified contractors have. This ensures that only the most qualified individuals will be presented to you for consideration.

Present the Details for the Project
As you present the project to a contractor locating service, it is essential that you provide the exact details of the project. This should include a preliminary blueprint, a breakdown of the necessary features and what the space needs to provide. This helps the service match these skills needed to the available contractor pool.

Accepting a Bid
Once you have found a contractor that you are satisfied with, accepting the bid is the last step before construction begins. Ensure that the bid is itemized and that there are no discrepancies. An accepted bid and signed contract move the project forward.

Having the right contractors working on your commercial space is a must. There are specific building codes to maintain as well as zoning standards, safety standards and health codes to maintain. All of these items must be taken into consideration when selecting the right team to complete the work.