November 8, 2015

Our Experience: Taiwan Tourist Visa (for Filipinos)

When we were thinking of places to visit last month, we considered Seoul, San Francisco, and Taiwan. After a little research, we ruled out Seoul (we had to apply visa in the Philippines) and San Francisco (we only had 7 days total of vacation time, so bitin) and went to Taiwan instead.

I'm glad we did. Like I said in my earlier post, it's now one of my favorite destination

{At the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park}

Filipinos with a valid visa or permanent resident certificate issued by USA, Canada, Japan, U.K., Schengen Convention countries, Australia or New Zealand, are eligible for the "visa exemption program" of Taiwan. The visa allows the tourist to stay for up to 30 days in Taiwan.

All you have to do is apply for the "authorization certificate" online. It is free! The link is here:

Since we have a valid US Visa, our Taiwan visa application was a breeze. My husband applied for our authorization certificate and was able to print it within minutes. This authorization certificate, you have to show it to the airline staff during check in and of course at the immigration officer in Taiwan (together with the valid visas/or permanent resident cards).

If you don't have the visas mentioned above, you can still apply for the Taiwan visa through regular application at their consular offices.

For more information, check out

{One of the flipboard art at the Taipei 101 train station}

November 1, 2015

Taipei: Raohe Night Market

They say that Taipei is a food destination. And the best way to experience that is to go to the night markets of Taipei.

We visited Raohe and Shilin. Raohe was an easy choice because it was close by our hotel. Shilin, on the other hand was a bit far from our hotel but we decided to visit it because we read that it's one of the famous night market.

{Entrance to Raohe Night Market}

It was drizzling when we first went to Raohe. But because we were so hungry, the rain did not deter us. LOL! The rain stopped though after a while.

{One of the streets near Raohe night Market}

{The temple in front of Raohe Night Market}

Our original plan was to buy food along the street and eat while walking. But since it was drizzling and we had kids with us, we went inside a restaurant. The restaurant was called Running Spoon and they serve fried rice in sizzling plates.

{Inside Running Spoon Restaurant}

After our dinner, we went through the whole stretch of Raohe and saw a lot of yummy looking food. We only tried a couple of street food because we were already full from dinner. But we came back another night for a taste of some of their street food.

My favorite was the sausage and the milk tea. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of it. As usual we were busy eating and taking in all the things around us.

Here are some pictures we managed to take using our phones only.

{Flame-torched beef. Must try!

{Fried chicken fillet, I think. Did not try this}

{Fried pork cubes. The kids loved it!}

{Toasted buns. It was good and very filling. No wonder the queue was long}