December 8, 2015

Three Reasons to Have Your Home's Air Quality Tested

The quality of air in your home can affect the health of everyone living in the house. In many instances, the quality of your air is not readily noticeable. One or more people may begin to develop symptoms of respiratory problems, or they may begin to exhibit symptoms of an allergy. Often the root cause is the quality your indoor air. The following are three reasons to have your air tested.

You had a fire in the last few months
Any fire, no matter how small, that was put out with water can create a mold issue. After a fire, the issue of hidden water damage is sometimes neglected. Everything that can be seen is repaired and restored, but any water damage behind the walls, floors or ceilings is ignored. The problem is that this moisture seldom goes away on its own. In time, mold can develop, and the spores that mold produces can come through the walls. Because they are airborne, these spores are easily inhaled. This can lead to breathing problems. However, you can have your air tested. If mold is present, the source can be found and removed.

People sneeze inside your home
Although you or others living with you, do not have allergies, one or more people in your family have been sneezing lately. It is possible that you can have a medical issue, but it is also possible that it is the air in your home. Do you sneeze when you are outside of your home? If not, you need to have your air tested. It may simply be a problem with dirt in your air due to the output from your heating and air condition system. Often, all it takes to remedy the air quality issue is a good cleaning of the air duct system.

People with respiratory issues are struggling
If someone in your home has a respiratory problem, they already have daily struggles to face, but if you notice that their problems seem worse than normal, you should have your air quality tested. An example might be a family member suffering from asthma. You notice that they are using an inhaler more often than usual. There are many other examples, but if you notice the behavior of a loved one's breathing issues change for no obvious reason, you might want to consider the quality of air.

If you suspect an issue with dirty air, then you should contact a company that offers the services of indoor air quality testing near DC as soon as possible.