July 5, 2016

Hello 2016!

Okay, that's too late for a greeting this year. But allow me, please.

This year we made a big leap. We decided to move back to the Philippines. We have lived away from the Philippines for almost 10 years and so, moving back was a big decision for us.

When I visited my bank last month, a banker asked me if our decision to move back was because Mr. Duterte won the presidency.

No, it wasn't that. I wish it was as simple as that though.

We moved back for several reasons:

The employment offer for my husband was nice. But let me clarify, the offer was not as nice the employment offers abroad.

I wanted to do something for myself, something for my self-growth. Or something to that effect. Haha!

We wanted EJ to experience living in the Philippines.


{At Phnom Penh airport, taken before we flew to Manila}

We moved here just last month. I have to be honest and say that personally I am experiencing reverse culture shock. Yes, I was ecstatic about seeing my family and friends. I was also happy to be able to eat the food that I used to eat. But there's something that's making me feel unwelcome.

I don't know. But I am sure I will get over this.

So yeah, we're back in the concrete jungle that is Manila. We're no longer expats. Like I said, I am still adjusting to our life here. But surprisingly, our son EJ, has eased into his life here pretty quick. I guess kids make adjustments faster than adults.

Anyway, I have decided to blog again. I hope this time I can keep my promise. We'll see.