August 5, 2016

Keeping Insects Away

Enjoy a More Convenient Way to Keep Insects Out of Your Home
Most people struggle with the desire to leave their doors open for a refreshing summer breeze, but they also want to be able to keep pesky insects out. Fortunately, a company like BugOff can provide an effective solution. A magnetic insect screen can help keep your home insect free, while giving you that open airy feeling you desire.

How is a magnetic screen different than a traditional screen door?
A magnetic screen offers a number of advantages that you won't get with a typical screen door. For one thing, screen doors slamming shut or accidentally being left open will be a thing of the past. The fiberglass mesh magnetic screen requires no hands to operate, so it's easy to go in and out, even when your hands are full. Additionally, kids won't have to mess with difficult latches or worry about pinching their fingers in the door. Installation is simple, unlike a typical screen door. In fact, a magnetic screen can be installed in a matter of minutes and needs absolutely no tools. There's also no damage to the door frame, since it doesn't have to be screwed into place.

If the magnetic screen is so easy to install, is it actually secure?
When installed properly a magnetic screen door will provide a secure barrier to keep insect outs. The screen also offers a great deal of flexibility because it can easily be taken with you when you move or if you are going on vacation. Magnetic screens offer an excellent option for anyone who lives in a townhome, condominium or apartment community where they are not permitted to install a traditional screen door.

Magnetic Screens are Available in a Variety of Sizes
Whether you need a convenient magnetic screen for a single door, sliding glass patio door or even a French door, you'll find many options available. You can choose one of the standard dimension screens or have one custom made to perfectly fit a specialty door.
When the weather is nice, it's always refreshing to be able to open the doors and air out your home. Of course, along with this fresh breeze, you're likely going to get plenty of insects entering your home. With a magnetic screen, you'll be able to keep the insects out, while still being able to enjoy the fresh air.