October 17, 2016

Safekeeping for your pets

Many people own one or more pets these days, and most of them are considered valuable members of their family. While it is possible to leave cats home alone for a few days during your vacation, dogs need daily feeding, walking and interaction with their caretaker. Depending on the size of the dog as well as the type and length of vacation, some people choose to take their pet along while they enjoy some down-time. However, there are some situations that will require leaving your dog or cat at a pet boarding facility.

Whether you need to leave your pet in daycare or a longer period of time, you will want to find a facility that takes care of your pet as well as you do. If you live in the Novi, Michigan area and need to board your pet, you should go to their website and check this out: amenities, prices, daily care and the many extras. You will find that your pet will have the best of care in this high quality pet boarding facility with luxury options including a pet spa, a pet boutique, and individual suites.

The Paw Print Inn does not stop at just offering the best boarding care for your pet, but also offers bathing, grooming, play-time and basic training with a trained pet care technician. If your pet is living in his golden years or has special needs, you may provide special meals and be secure in the knowledge that any medication will be administered properly. Although you may be a bit apprehensive about trusting the care of your beloved pet to others while you are away, you will appreciate your ability to check on them via live streaming webcam whenever you would like.

In addition to offering top quality pet boarding, the Paw Print Inn also provides professional grooming and obedience training. An onsite pet boutique offers a wide variety of pet products including shampoo, dog beds, fresh-baked treats, dog toys, fashionable collars, jackets, slickers and many other items pet owners need.  

Taking into consideration the level of care provided by this pet boarding facility, you might think the cost would be very high. The Paw Print Inn works hard to provide the best boarding experience possible at a reasonable price. If you find yourself needing to board your pet for a day or longer, the facility invites prospective clients to call for a tour and to meet the dedicated pet care professionals. Now that you know there is someplace you can leave your pet with the assurance he will be receive the best care, go ahead and plan that vacation you've been thinking of.