January 19, 2017

We Seoul You

We spent Christmas 2016 in Seoul. It was very cold (minus 9 degrees!) and we loved it. LOL! It would have been perfect if the snow came early during our stay in Seoul. As it happened, the snow came on the day of our departure. Nevertheless, the Seoul trip was still fun and memorable.

At the Cheonggyecheon Stream

Love lock at N Seoul Tower

At Nami Island

We forgot to bring our cameras so we relied on our trusty phones. We managed to take some good photos but mostly the photos were either blurred or grainy.

Things that I like in Seoul:
1) Fast internet everywhere. Even in the subway.
2) Yummy BBQs!
3) Clean and efficient transpo system.
4) Arts in every corner.
5) Did I mention yummy food and bbqs?

I'd love to go back to Seoul but it would probably have to be on a spring or autumn.